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Oreo Ornament

picture of the finished ornament

A Christmas ornament built out of a 3-layer stack of PCBs. Uses serially addressable RGB LEDs to light up copper cutouts on the front panel. Run on an STM32F030F4.


picture of the finished boombox

A personal boombox made with LM386 audio amps, MAX5456 logarithmic digipots, and a custom laser-cut acrylic enclosure. Also features a LED bar graph VU meter, and some nice lil buttons.

Heartbeat Sensor

picture of the laid out board

A “wearable” intended to flash a high power IR LED in tandem with my pulse. Detection with a piezo, amplification/filtering with various ICs, built onto a compact PCB. Processing of pulse done with a modded webcam and OpenCV.

Analog PWM Fan Controller

Using ICs to make a square wave generator, integrator, and comparator, capable of producing a 20 kHz PWM signal suitable for communicating with a PC fan. Built on cheap, low-quality breadboards, but functional for blowing solder smoke away from my face.